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It’s all FREE

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Read on, my friend…

This used to be a business – and now it’s not.  To be honest, we weren’t making much (any) money and when we were, people expected too much of us.

It’s a bugbear of most web designers, graphic artists, etc; unless you have a brief laid out in full and you stick to it anally, people are going to take advantage of you.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve heard:

“Can you just do this?”  “Can you tweak this a little?”  “Can you resize all these 50mb photographs?”

The answer to which is: “Yes, I can; however, this is in addition to what you’ve paid for/been quoted for, and it will cost you £XXX extra.”

I’m not very good at selling, and so the answer I’ve been giving is:  “Yes, sure!  No problem!” – because I’m a bit of a sucker like that!

And this is why Magic Marketer hasn’t been making any money.

I know – you’re still wondering why I’m giving away my time for FREE!  Here are some reasons:

1.  I’m a creative and I know that unless you have something extra-special, you’re going to be a penniless artist, poet, writer – possibly until you die, at which point people start to appreciate your work and you become mega-famous when it’s too late!

2.  I want to empower people.  I get such a sense of satisfaction when I’ve made a website, self-published a book or reached somebody on social media.

3.  Selfish reason:  I love helping people.  I love receiving heartfelt “thank you”s for making a difference.  That’s true job satisfaction.

4.  SHOCK!  HORROR!  It’s not actually free!  By paying me with your kind words and appreciation, you’re making me rich in spirit.

That’s it!  No catch!  I want to help you to help yourself – in return you make my heart sing!  What are you waiting for?

You look like you need coffeeYou look like you need coffee

I don’t need coffee, but I’m rather partial to a herbal tea.  You can click the yellow button above to be taken to my page on the Buy Me A Coffee website, or click the purple circle and tweet about it, too!