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Magic Marketer

Magic Marketer specialises in supporting creative types, like you.  Best of all – we don’t charge for our services – not a penny!

We offer web design, social media and self-publishing advice to small businesses and individuals.

We’ve worked with creatives for over 25 years. As creatives ourselves, we know how difficult it is to get yourself ‘out there’. Whether you’re an artist, musician, poet, author or sculptor, we believe we can take you from strength-to-strength with our proven digital solutions advice.

Whether you’re looking to rebrand yourself, or to develop a new website, we’ll take a look at what you have to offer and give you a FREE consultation.

We are no longer trading as a business, but would be happy to design a site for you FREE of charge on our developer platform.

If you’re new to the social media game, but don’t know where to start, or simply don’t have the time to give it your full attention, our team of experts is on hand to give you friendly advice and support, FREE of charge!  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Just drop us an email to see what we can do for you or link up with us on social media.

Let us work our magic, so that you have the freedom to create yours.