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Magic Marketer

Everybody has a book in them. Let’s sprinkle some magic on yours.


  • Polished manuscript formatting.
  • Inspired cover design.
  • Streamlined uploading support.
  • Personalised collaboration.
  • Detail-oriented approach.
  • Skill-building guidance.

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Web design

  • Intuitive navigation for effortless user experience.
  • Harmonious layouts that reflect your practice’s tranquility.
  • Responsive design for seamless viewing on any device.

Graphic design

  • Bespoke branding that capture the essence of your services.
  • Inspirational imagery that conveys your healing message.
  • Marketing materials designed to engage and enlighten.

SEO marketing

  • Enhance your search engine presence to connect with the right audience.
  • Optimise your site with content that engages and retains visitor interest.
  • Utilise metrics to fine-tune your reach and grow your online community.

Website training

  • Publish and manage blog posts to share your insights and stories.
  • Implement updates confidently and keep your site fresh and engaging.
  • Understand website analytics to connect better with your audience.

Your digital presence built with care, insight and a sprinkling of ‘woo’

I’m Jane from Magic Marketer and as well as providing magical self-publishing services, I’m also dedicated to creating digital spaces that reflect the true spirit of healers, therapists, and wellness guides. My focus is to bring the essence of your healing services into the digital world in a way that feels natural and true to you.

I know that an online presence for holistic services needs a special touch – it should be as inviting and calming as the services you offer. This is where my expertise comes in. I combine my understanding of digital marketing with a deep appreciation for the holistic and healing arts. The result is a website that speaks directly to those seeking your guidance and care.

From intuitive website design to clear and effective SEO strategies, I ensure that your online presence is a clear reflection of your practice – creating an online space where your audience can feel the care and attention you put into your work.

Join me at Magic Marketer, and let’s create a digital presence that truly embodies the heart of your healing practice.