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Welcome to Magic Marketer: A Digital Haven for Holistic and Spiritual Professionals

I’m delighted to bring to you the new Magic Marketer website. Here is a brief overview of what you’ll find as you amble through the site.


Introducing Magic Marketer – where the digital world meets holistic and spiritual understanding. Our homepage sets the tone for a journey of digital transformation, blending professional web and graphic design with insightful SEO and empowering training.

Web Design

Dive into our Web Design services, where functionality meets aesthetics. We specialise in creating intuitive, responsive, and SEO-optimised websites that reflect the unique spirit of healers and wellness practitioners.

Graphic Design

Explore our Graphic Design services, offering visually stunning and spiritually resonant branding, marketing materials, and custom illustrations. Each design is crafted to embody the essence of your practice and engage your audience.

SEO Marketing Advice

Our SEO Marketing Advice demystifies search engine optimisation, tailoring strategies to enhance your online visibility and connect with your target audience through effective content and insightful analytics.


Empower yourself with our training services. We offer personalised sessions in website management, content creation, and understanding analytics, equipping you with the skills to navigate and enhance your digital presence confidently.

Amazon KDP Services

For aspiring authors, our Amazon KDP Service guides you through formatting your manuscript, designing your book cover, and navigating the Amazon KDP uploading process, turning your literary dreams into published reality.

About Us

Learn about the journey and ethos behind Magic Marketer, a fusion of technical expertise and a passion for the holistic world, driven by the desire to support those in the healing and wellness community in their digital endeavours.


Reach out to start your digital transformation journey. Whether it’s for a new website, a book you’re ready to publish, or just some friendly advice, we’re here to help illuminate your path.